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How To Handle The Stress of Parenting In Quarantine

by Hal Runkel and Julie Baumgardner

Originally published by First Things First on April 8, 2020


Parenting is hard enough when you’re in a routine, let alone when everything is thrown out of whack and everyone is stuck in the same house together until who knows when! 

Join FTF President & CEO Julie Baumgardner and author & parenting expert Hal Runkel to hear some words of advice for any parent wishing they could be “Scream-Free.” Their conversation includes topics like…

  • Why you can’t be responsible for your child’s feelings,

  • The importance of naming emotions and giving yourself permission to feel them,

  • What to do when you feel like you can’t take any more,

  • What your kids need from you right now,

  • And more!