For Churches

When marriages and families thrive, so does the church. Helping couples strengthen their relationships creates an exciting ripple effect that can change the culture of the community!

MREC is a community resource to help strengthen marriages by teaching healthy relationship skills. We’re not here to take the place of the church but to walk alongside you as you serve couples.

We serve the churches by helping you create a vision for marriages in your church, equip your leaders with skills and provide support to help marriages thrive.

Have you noticed that the value and importance of marriage seems less relevant than ever, and our children are the innocent victims? Far too often, couples lack the commitment, knowledge and skills to form and sustain a healthy, life-long marriage. Together, we can change that.

Our team is ready to serve you. We consider it an honor to help you develop a Christ-centered marriage ministry that creates a vibrant atmosphere for marriages to thrive.

Not quite ready to offer programs on your own? MREC offers Preparing for Marriage, Adventures in Marriage, Couples’ Coaching, and Date Night events to help couples in our community.

Visit our events page for upcoming classes.

To learn more about building a marriage ministry (or enriching your current marriage ministry) please contact or call the office at 410-386-9003.

Additional Resources

Prepare and Enrich

Prepare/Enrich adapts and reacts to the changing reality of relationships through continued research and development of assessment versions and resources. The reliability of the assessment and feedback guided by our Facilitators help couples strengthen and enrich their relationships.