About Us

In the Beginning

Founded in 2004 at the encouragement of dozens of local and regional community leaders, MREC is the state’s first nonprofit marriage initiative dedicated to using a proactive approach to strengthening marriages and families. The work began in the home of Co-Founders Bill and Anne McKenna until space eventually became available in the beautiful Carroll Nonprofit Center.


In the summer of 2023, MREC launched a new project called the Maryland Marriage Initiative. The purpose is to mobilize our community to work together to exponentially increase the opportunities for relationship education for couples and families.

Our Goals

1. To resource churches by encouraging, promoting, and supporting community-wide implementation of pre-marriage and  marriage education programs.

2. To reduce the number of divorce filings in our community and increase the number of marriage filings.

3. To serve as a regional resource for healthy relationships. 

4. To impact community well-being.

Our Mission

Serving the community with relationship education so marriages and families thrive.

Our Solution

Today’s cultural relationship challenges didn’t occur overnight and won’t be solved right away either. However, MREC offers experiential programs, events, and resources that educate, equip and inspire students, couples, and families. Additionally, by partnering with area churches to help them build effective marriage ministries, we can reverse the destructive trends of unhealthy relationships and build a stronger community together.