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About Us

A Voice for Marriage

Since 2004, the Marriage and Relationship Education Center has led the effort to strengthen marriages and families across the region. 


In the summer of 2023, MREC received a three-year grant to encourage, promote, and support a community-wide implementation of marriage ministries in local churches as a way to strengthen marriages and families, and reduce county-wide divorce rates. We’ve named this exciting new project the Maryland Marriage Initiative. 


This visionary undertaking links MREC with the national Marriage Initiative which is working to empower and equip similar organizations all across the nation. 


Contact amy@mrecenter.org to connect your church to this exciting, grass-roots movement which is mobilizing communities to strengthen marriages and reduce divorce. 


Building Trust – As a community marriage initiative we seek to work together by holding round table discussions and pastors’ gatherings and learn where like-minded individuals are already at work in the marriage space, and how we can serve them.


Empowering Individuals –The MMI goal is to help individuals use their unique talents to work in the highest and best roles that God has called them to serve. We seek to build collaboration and to share resources.  


Finding Shared Identity – We’re uniting, partnering, and working together as a team instead of in isolation, so that our communities’ most important assets, strong marriages and families, will thrive.  

Our Mission

Serving the community with relationship education so marriages and families thrive.


A culture that values God’s design for marriage.