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12 Date Night Ideas: Intentional & Easy Ways to Connect


Date nights need to be a priority! But sometimes, you just run out of ideas.


So here are 12 ways to stir up a fun date with the one you love!


1. Game Night

Pick your favorite game to play with your partner. Focus on fun over the competition!


2. Drive-in Movie

If you’re up for a mini road trip, this is a great option. Google a list of drive-in movie theatres within driving distance of you. If your local to Westminster, consider Benji’s Drive-In located in Middle River, or Haars Drive-In, in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania.


3. Visit an Escape Room

What a fun way to work together and communicate through a very tense situation. Teamwork at its finest!


4. Stargaze with S’mores

Cozy up to the fire pit in your own backyard. Bust out the toasted marshmallows or s’mores. To spice it up, consider using peanut butter cups, nutella, or your favorite chocolate candies when making your s’mores.


5. “ROLL” Dating Game

The UCF Marriage and Family Research Institute suggests this one. Choose a movie, dinner, snack, or beverage of choice. Write and number 15 items that correspond with each category. Ask Google or Siri to pick a number between 1 and 15. Whatever she rolls is whatever you do.


6. Picnic Time

Bring a blanket or lawn chairs to your favorite outdoor spot. If it’s cold, pack lap blankets and a thermos of coffee. For a twist, have each person pack lunch for the other, and then trade. The conversation spurred beforehand to discuss food preferences can be fun, too!


7. Dance Lessons

Time to get handsy and learn something new together. It’s a great way to spark a new fire in your relationship!


8. Tour a Museum or Attraction

Visit the National Museum of History, the San Diego Zoo, or heck — jump a flight to see The Louvre. A new experience together can bring you closer than you ever thought possible.


9. Massage Night

It’s just the two of you, so make it special by dedicating yourself to giving the most amazing massage ever to your partner. Switch nights so you can each be the recipient of a muscle-soothing night of relaxation.


10. Cook a Romantic Dinner

Who needs a fancy chef when you and your love may make the best cooking team?  The Cookie Rookie online shares recipes and ideas for over 30 amazing date night meals. The couple that cooks together really heats things up!


11. Visit a Park or Take a Recorded Tour

Head to a park to go biking or hiking! Being outside together and exercising is proven to create a boost of endorphins that could help you connect in other ways as well!


12. Stay at an AirBnB

Get away for just a night or two and book a romantic getaway. AirBnB makes it super affordable! Take that time to reconnect without any distractions.


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Learn more about all we offer on our couples resource page here.

Here’s to a great year full of great dates!