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3 Circles – Webinar Audio

by Todd Burrier I Author, speaker, trainer, and coach

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In this time of uncertainty and challenge, we are presented with an opportunity to re-prioritize what really matters in our lives. Since we cannot currently do in person programming, MREC has been working to provide you with programming you can access from home.

We have a wonderful opportunity for you to gain new insights for strengthening marriage.

Todd Burrier, author, speaker, trainer, and coach, has agreed to provide a free webinar exclusively for our community.

I have known Todd and his family for many years. He and Melanie (his wife of 31 years) are strong Christians who lived in Westminster for 25 years until they recently moved to New Bern, NC. I had the pleasure to hear him speak on multiple occasions, and he has an easy style of presenting that is thoroughly enjoyable while inspiring and educating.

He will be sharing the platform for living from his new book “3 Circles Living.” You will learn many helpful insights that you can use to build better relationships, and brighter future.