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Student Classes

MREC Healthy Choices classes are taught in partnership with Carroll County Public Schools and provide essential relationship tools to help guide students towards making the healthiest choices that affect today as well as their future hopes and dreams.

Topics include: The Success Sequence, red flags of unhealthy relationships, patterns to look for when dating, social skills, and more. 

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The activity pictured shows the Family Vision Tree. In this activity students work together to consider their family of origin, it’s impact on them and they discuss the future family each will choose to build some day.

Our classes are interactive and include many experiential exercises to help students engage.

Our Facilitators

Amy Gilford

Keith rogers

Heidi Davidhizer

Janice Holsonbake

MREC facilitators are trained and certified to cover a wide array of topics that address middle and high school relationship needs. The class environment is fun, safe and informative, relatable, rooted in science and designed to address the whole health of the individual – the safest and most rewarding way to approach relationships. We believe everyone is worthy of love and respect and that no relationship mistake defines a person for life.

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