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When Covid interrupts – Finding The Silver Lining


I’m running out of creativity!

Every cloud has a silver lining. Ever heard that expression? It’s used to remind us that even in gloomy situations we can always find a bright side if we look.

“The world is a bit off kilter these days. I feel compassion and sorrow for those who’ve been seriously impacted. Yet, personally, I’ve found a beautiful silver lining in all of this, and I hope you can find it, too.

On a normal day my husband leaves for work in a suit before 5 a.m., laden down with briefcase and computer, returning about 6 p.m. for a quick bite and off to various volunteer activities.

Normally, our daughter, who lives many states away, is hard to reach. Our West Point senior son is usually lost to the daily minute-by-minute demands of school and army.

But these are not normal days, and I’m loving it!

Our lives have suddenly slowed down, and it’s good. My husband is working hard via telecommuting, but he’s in the study in his jeans with iced tea in hand and hasn’t had to get up before 6 a.m. Our daughter is telecommuting and keeping tabs on us with frequent phone calls and texts. West Point sent its cadets home so our son is here to spend unexpected, blessed days with us. Between his remote classes and video chats with his girl we get to have 3 meals a day with him, share snarky memes, and have movie and popcorn evenings, almost like when he was a kid! (Attached is a picture of my husband and son working together.)

The world is a mess. Some are very sick or their incomes are at risk, a lot of uncertainty remains…. But I, for now. have precious time to be with my family, and I count that as a blessing.

Do you have a silver lining view of your situation? Please share!

by Kathy Fuller

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