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New Year’s Resolutions: for Families

New Year’s Resolutions: For Families

Written by Marriage & Relationship Education Center

We’re celebrating the arrival of the new year a little more than we usually do, and in a different way,
but COVID can’t stop us from making New Year’s resolutions or passing the tradition of resolutions on to our children. 

Making New Year’s resolutions together can be fun, and when the approach is right, it can empower a child to change a behavior or work on a new skill.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Start by talking about a goal you want to set for yourself, like getting more exercise or eating healthier. Ask for their ideas on how to develop your strategy or track your progress. This gets them involved.

Parents who follow through on their own resolutions set a great example in being accountable to
themselves and seeing you accomplish the goals you set can get them even more excited about accomplishing their own.  

2. Before the kids get started, sit down with them to talk about the things they want to change in the
New Year ahead.

Your guidance is vital since the best New Year’s resolutions are those with reasonable, achievable goals in mind.  From learning to ride a bike to improving that math grade, you might be surprised by the well-thought-out ideas your children come up with on their own. If they are doubtful of their ability to achieve a new skill, you can build confidence by reminding them of the things they can do now that they couldn’t do last year.

3. Depending on your child’s age, a progress chart with stickers, stars, or awards might be appropriate. Older kids might develop a list of milestones to keep their resolutions on track. It’s key that they take the lead. 

4. Family resolutions are fun, too. Resolutions like having a family game night once a month, or a family movie night weekly can get kids fired up. Pair that with a resolution to put down all phones and tablets on that family night and you’ve accomplished a double win! 

There’s no better way to kiss 2020 goodbye and say hello to a new year than a fun, family goal-setting session.

Together, your family can build excitement for the good to come, all while committing to and following through with goals that will make 2021 a giant success.