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Do you know "how" to be married?

When couples join us for Adventures in Marriage they’ll discover better ways to meet needs, communicate, resolve conflict, express anger, avoid “dirty fighting” and understand how their personality styles impact relationships for better or worse.

Fun, practical, and easy to learn, Adventures in Marriage is appropriate for couples at ANY age or stage. 

The program is designed to reach married couples across the spectrum – from highly motivated to struggling and stressed. The program combines the latest research (with Christian principles if you’re in a faith-based setting) to provide specific, practical, attainable skills for a successful marriage.

Come learn how to create the marriage you have always wanted with the spouse you already have

Questions? Email registration@mrecenter.org or call 410-386-9003.

“We learned helpful communication tools which opened up some great discussions, thoughtful
questions, and gave us better listening skills.”

“My wife and I are better communicators now and more empathetic to each other’s needs.”

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