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Do you want the 5-year plan or the 50-year plan for your marriage?

Your relationship is one of life’s most important treasures and it’s worth investing in. Preparing for Marriage is a full-day class filled with key elements to help your marriage last a lifetime.

When you sign up for Preparing for Marriage, you and your love will laugh and learn together. Invest in your marriage and gain new tools and resources that will help your relationship thrive.

Experienced marriage educators cover important topics such as communication and conflict management, family dynamics, intimacy, finances, maximizing differences, date nights, and more.

The cost for this special experience is just $99 per couple.


Check out what couples are saying about this class in this VIDEO here.

Have questions? Feel free to email us at registration@mrecenter.org or call 410-386-9003.

**Maybe you’re not engaged but you’re seriously dating and thinking about forever together – this class is still for you! Recently married couples are also welcome as the content is also applicable to those who recently married.

“Preparing for Marriage” has been relationship-changing for us. It gave us tools to be able to move forward in our relationship in a healthy way. This is important to us because of our broken past. We have basically taken everything that we learned in that class and implemented it into our relationship. That took our relationship to the next level.

-Nikki | Class participant


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